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Simple for WordPress sites

First, it’s important to note that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. This means that if you want to use it, you need to either have a site that runs on WordPress or install it in a subdirectory.

If you do use WordPress for your site, adding ecommerce functionality is a breeze with WooCommerce. Just install the plugin like you would any other, then follow their step-by-step setup process to automatically set up your site. You can also choose to set up your store manually if you have experience as a developer.

From there, getting your store up and running is as simple as adding products (much like you would add posts or pages to your WordPress site) and writing descriptions. When it’s all said and done, you could be making sales by the end of the day.

Beyond setup, though, the real advantage here is managing your site and store all in one dashboard. You can jump between writing a blog post and updating a product page without a problem, which is a convenience unique to WooCommerce. Free

Another major advantage of WooCommerce is that it’s completely free to install and use. This makes it a great choice for both small businesses and businesses whose main source of revenue isn’t retail.

Of course, businesses of all sizes can utilize the plugin and its features – and after all, who doesn’t like the sound of “free”? SEO-friendly

If you want people to be able to find your products in search engines, you need to optimize your product pages. But if you’re familiar with WordPress, you know that their editor makes it easy to edit body content, URLs, meta descriptions, alt tags, and other elements on your pages.

The same goes for the WooCommerce plugin, meaning that optimizing your pages is a simple process even for someone with no coding knowledge. Of course, you’ll still have to do keyword research and write copy as you normally would, but getting that copy exactly where you need it is extremely straightforward.

Woo-Commenrce Development

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